NAU Flag

The North American Union is largest and most powerful pact on Earth, rivaled only by the European Union. It is a combination of the most prominent North American nations under one flag, with the founders and most prominent nations being United States, Canada, and Mexico.


With the strong diplomatic resolve of five-term United States President John F. Kennedy, the North American Union was a plan the American people first rallied behind in 1966 CE aimed at quelling domestic issues to focus on the more pressing matter at hand: rivaling the Soviet Union and getting into space. Despite, Kennedy's incredibly high approval rate, there was significant push back on the proposed union for another three decades until it was officially ratified by the United States in 1995 CE, with Mexico and Canada already having agreed five years prior.

Later in 2059 CE, the NAU was the first Human alliance to establish an off-world colony: Exodus on Earth's closest neighbor Mars.