Earthborn in the northern reaches of Sweden alongside his identical twin Elias, Oliver learned from a young age that he was expected to become a soldier. His family had a long tradition of military service as far back as they could trace their ancestry, though Oliver had different plans.

The stars fascinated them both, and early in their youth they envisioned joining the Trailblazer Program to explore the galaxy and discover new things.

Oliver in particular was obsessed with xenobiology, particularly xenozoology. Upon graduating secondary school, he and his brother practically leapt at the chance to enter college. He was somewhat disappointed to find that his brother Elias was more interested in xenobotany, but the two stayed inseparable throughout all the way to their next graduation.

With bachelor's degrees in Xenozoology and Xenobotany, Elias and Oliver were a package deal of fresh scientists. Of course, their first course was to immediately seek induction into the Trailblazer Program, fully aware of the intense and lengthy training involved.

Afterwards followed five grueling years of education and training, in which the two learned almost more than they had in college. From learning the inner politics throughout the galaxy's empires to receiving formal combat training, the two endured through it all together.

Oliver was unpleasantly surprised at how he shined in combat training, his athletic and agile figure made him excellent in tight conditions with sub-machine guns. His aim, physical strength, and endurance were all average, his skill lay in his maneuverability and quick-thinking.

To the more bookish education, he did not shine but simply managed to get through. He was less concerned and interested with the documented nations of the galaxy and more excited to start putting his degree to use.

After the five grueling years of Trailblazer training, Oliver and Elias spent a year in the Program before they ended up on the second wave to Andromeda. Oliver was able to hone his scientific ability, his occupation involving discovering and documenting instances of alien wildlife.

Skills and Abilities

  • Skilled Xenozoologist
  • Agile and athletic