Construction and Purpose

Originally designed to help automate Cerberus Station even further, Prometheus was repurposed to fit the Horizons Initiative's incredibly particular needs. The artificial intelligence is responsible for maintaining the first wave of Andromeda Havens during the century-long voyage to the Andromeda Galaxy and eventually awakening the colonists upon arrival.

Contrary to Intergalactic Assembly Artificial Intelligence Ordinances, Prometheus can remotely control an external body to accomplish tasks requiring a physical touch. Naturally, the AI's purpose and capabilities were kept a secret outside of the Initiative's highest ranking officers to avoid any unnecessary hysteria or funding loss.

Companion Capabilities

With the Extranet absent in Andromeda, the Horizons Initiative knew its Exploratory Leads would need something to fill the void that it left. To help suffice, Initiative science teams worked with Google to develop a version of the GDA that would help do exactly that. With an increase in processing power, the Trailblazer Version is capable of running a local, albeit limited, version of Prometheus.

Companions are capable of linking with their respective Trailblazer's cerebral implant, should the explorer consent, to communicate privately with their host, monitor their vitals, and help more efficiently repel biological ailments like poison or disease.

Exploratory Leads are capable of renaming their companion AI and helping shape its personality to better fit their needs. However, they are highly discouraged from altering the AI's fundamental programming and moral guidelines to avoid potentially perilous complications.

While it is currently unknown whether or not pairing cerebral implants with an artificial intelligence is dangerous in the long-term, Exploratory Lead Adam Trainer has proved that it is both safe and and incredibly effective in the short-term.