Rachel Steele, born into the wealth of Lexington-Steele, didn't follow in her father's entrepreneurial footsteps. Instead, at the age of 22, Steele became a commissioned pilot in the UN Navy, where she'd go on to serve for close to ten years as head of her wing before crashing on a barren planet on the outer reaches of the Milky Way.

On the planet, Rachel saved a crew of three using only minimum supplies, and the group survived for over a week. Her travel was complicated by nearly a lost leg, and when rescue forces finally discovered the wreckage, she had nearly succumbed to her injuries. This incident was popularized in the news, earning her a commendation, purple heart, and medical discharge. The incident was followed by the creation of Steele Security, the company that would eventually be adopted into Bastzuda's 'Red' branch. This change reunited her with Vincent, a former comrade, and put her in charge of the safety of thousands.

Steele Security, following the destruction of Bastzuda, once again became an independent contractor, and the Red Fleet dissolving meant that Rachel was on her own once more.

Skills and Abilities

  • Advanced Rifle Training
  • Formidable Leader
  • Adept Pilot
  • Skilled Navigator
  • Extensive Knowledge of Spacecrafts