Aether Hydroponic Gardens

The Ration Crisis (May 09, 2161 CE) was a tragedy on the HCS Aether caused by a malfunctioning oxygen pipe under the Hydroponic Gardens. The Crisis left the Horizons Initiative starving and incapable of feeding a vast majority of their colonists. The Crisis pushed the Initiative Conclave to enact a rationing scheme, one which the security team woefully abused, that left most colonists starving.


It is unknown exactly what caused the oxygen pipe to burst, but Director Mike Trainer believed it to be an unfortunate side effect caused by the Havens being used far past their expiration date. The pipe most likely malfunctioned, creating an excessive build-up of O2 that eventually blew the pipe apart and created a hull breach.

The breach rapidly depressurized the Hydroponic Gardens, killing every crop inside before Prometheus could dispatch droids to patch the leak.

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