While he was raised under the shadow of greatness that is his father, Senator Erunol Loroxyn, Rhaedos has done well to break free from the shackles of his family’s expectations. Born into the world of intergalactic politics, Rhaedos was groomed from a very young age to join the rest of his family as a politician. He was introduced to much of the perks and luxuries that an upper class life on the Intergalactic Assembly Station offered, growing up in the First Quarter and attending private schools in the wealthier parts of the Third Quarter. As it turned out, this life was far from what he wanted.

From an early age, Rhaedos had taken a heavy interest in the Systems Coalition’s military. He spent hours of his free time researching and, whenever his home was visited by officials from the Systems Coalition Navy, he found the time to speak to them, doing all of this right under his father’s nose. He wanted to be something more than just another Loroxyn politician, despite what his family might have had planned for him.

It was at the age of twenty-three, in 2124, that he decided it was time to do what he wanted rather than conform to his father’s wishes. He enlisted with the Systems Coalition Marines as soon as he could before bringing his true wishes to his parents’ attention. His father was outraged by what he called his son’s ‘betrayal’. It was made very clear by his father that Rhaedos was not welcome in their family from that point onward.

Joining up with the Systems Coalition Marines after his proverbial exile, Rhaedos began to doubt his wishes not long into his service. While he had heard that the tactics used by the Marines were questionable, he was not prepared for reality. He served for two years before he decided that enough was enough, quitting in 2126 in search of a more honorable profession. That was one that he found in an unlikely place: the United Nations Navy. Using old political connections to get in touch with the Admiralty Board, he put in an enlistment application and, after months of debates and consideration, he was accepted as the first non-Human to ever join the UN Navy in 2127, quickly making a name for himself as a phenomenal soldier as well as a natural and kind leader, climbing up the ranks to Lieutenant Commander and earning a few commendations along the way.

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent soldier
  • Natural leader
  • Deep knowledge of galactic politics
  • Political connections from upbringing

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