Born on Earth to middle class parents, Sandra grew to be quite a charismatic teen and the top of her class. Before long, she was attending the planet's top universities with aspirations to become president of the North American Union.

Robinson ran and won in a landslide victory, serving two terms from 2148-2156 CE. She gained useful connections and experience while in office and set her sights on becoming prime minister of the United Nations with the previous PM receiving less than favorable approval ratings.

With an election on the horizon and Robinson already becoming an admirable figure back on Earth, she put her name on the ballot and won in 2166 CE. And with the previous Intergalactic Assembly Human senator planning to leave office in 2170 CE, Robinson once again set her sights on that position. Against all the odds, she became both the first woman UN Prime Minister and simultaneously holding a spot on the Assembly. Since then, she has served with mixed results and a high approval rating.

Recently, she has made a strong push on inducting their Ganonsyoni brothers into the Intergalactic Assembly as well and petitioning for reelection as Prime Minister as well.

Senator Robinson unfortunately perished when the Ubiar attacked the North American Union, leaving the United Nations at the command of Fleet Admiral John Kemp. She was posthumously honored on the HCS Aether with Robinson Park.

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