The HCS (Hyperspace Colony Ship) Sobanum is the Haven responsible for carrying 6,000 Ganonsyoni and a handful of assorted races in cryostasis to the Andromeda Galaxy.

While the Andaman and Val have key modifications that differentiate themselves from the rest, the Sobanum is a near one-to-two replica of the Jackson due to time constraints and an incredibly stretched budget.


When the Ubiar Invasion began, the Ganonsyoni home sector was among one of the first places to go unresponsive. Due to their incredibly weak and primitive military, UN leaders deemed the Ganonsyoni lost. And so, the Initiative set off to accomplish the impossible, only planning to build five Havens.

Yet, that all came to change when Fleet Admiral John Kemp deemed Muria critical in taking back the Human frontier. His son Markus and the crew of the UNS Medea soon set their eyes on the Ganonsyoni homeworld and pried it out of Ubiaran hands a matter of weeks before the first wave was set to launch. The Ganonsyoni were back in the fight, and with all five Havens already packed to the brim, a sixth would need to be constructed to bring Humanity's closest ally along to Andromeda.

It was a tall order, one which they almost did not meet, but the Initiative once again managed to accomplish the impossible: creating a fully functional Haven about half the size of the HCS Jackson in merely one-fifth of the time.

The spacecraft missed about nearly every deadline imaginable, but the legendary engineers working with the Initiative just barely finished the Sobanum in time to depart the Milky Way on November 2, 2180 under the command of their unanimously loved Prime Minister Xand Sobanum, whom the vessel is named after.

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