Trailblazer Rover

The Trailblazer Rover is a well tested and renowned Trailblazer Program rover designed for exploring the darkest and most dangerous corners in the galaxy. With it's six-wheel and four-wheel drive, individual suspension per wheel, and helium-3 boosters, the rover is equipped to handle the harshest of environments.


The Trailblazer Rover combines the perfect level of speed and versatility for pushing through storms that would ground most ships or simply exploring foreign environments. The rover is capable of transporting up to six passengers comfortably with plenty of room for anything deemed necessary.

While the Trailblazer is quite easily an exploratory marvel, it lacks any offensive measures. The lack of weapons and thin armor makes it advisable to exit the rover outside the area of engagement or travel with some form of auxiliary support.


TV18: Trailblazer Version 18

  • TV18 Kinetic Shields: Capable of deflecting small, high velocity objects. Can hardly take a single torpedo before shields drop and leave the rover nearly disabled.
  • TV18 Life Support Systems: Shelters its inhabitants from the extreme environments around it at the cost of energy. The harsher the environment, energy consumption increases exponentially and battery life shortens just as fast.
  • TV18 Sensors: Two active scanners, including radar and LADAR (Laser Detection and Ranging), and a range of passive scanners.

NOTE: The Horizons Initiative upgraded their rovers with the latest TV19 technology, and as a result are both faster, tougher, and better equipped for mapping foreign environments.

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