During the Succession Wars, many members of houses Drada and Lo'Vos, the former collective of House Yubo, defected off to join Nironian Collective early in the wars. Since then, the defectors have lived and died leaving new generations to carry on their name. Now the name Yubo belongs to only very few Katali, Tylisk being one of them.

Tylisk Yubo grew up as an inventor, always having a knack for ingenuity and machinery. It was only natural he found himself taking on the role of an engineer and expanding his knowledge to spacecraft mechanics. With most of his life spent on Augustus, he's always been wanting to travel the stars and possibly see his home world.

Finally, after many long years of training and schooling Tylisk was able to join the UN Navy and exceeded in his field with flying colors. He was able to solve issues with little trouble, passing exams, and tests without a second thought. Throughout this, he found a new interest: Navigation. He was able to continue to excel in the field, surpassing most expectations. 

Skills and Abilities

  • Experienced navigator
  • Trained engineer