UN Flag

The United Nations is the collective governing body of the Human race and prominent member of Intergalactic Assembly. The UN has quickly become one of the galaxy's most powerful players, just behind that of the Nironian Collective and Systems Coalition, despite only having arrived on the galactic landscape a mere six decades prior. In that short period, the United Nations has established itself as one of the galaxy's leaders in exploration, combat, and science.


The goal of the United Nations is to spread democracy, promote the general welfare, and protect Human interests abroad. Ever since its establishment, the UN has done such by establishing one of the galaxy's strongest navies, establishing numerous colonies, funding new research, and protecting its citizens.


The Washington Outpost-based UN Council is the absolute top authority when it comes to any of Humanity's decisions. However, they often leave any and all military decisions to the Admiralty Board, though they often put in requests to preserve certain diplomatic relationships.


  • Systems Coalition - Like-minded politically, though the fragile galactic balance has left Humanity reluctant to make any alliance further than trade.
  • Intergalactic Assembly - Somewhat scornful and abhorrent relationship; UN continues to find its place in galactic politics while much of the Assembly treat them like a joke.
  • Nironian Collective - Differing ideologically, yet has been the biggest advocate for an alliance with the UN.
  • Ganonsyoni - Incredibly strong paternal, symbiotic relationship.

Being relatively new and in such an odd position of power, much of the galaxy continues to wonder whether the United Nations will remain independent or tip the fragile balance of power through new alliances.