The HCS (Hyperspace Colony Ship) Val is the Horizons Initiative's sole Haven for transporting Katali colonists to the Andromeda Galaxy. Largely mirroring design of its sister Havens Andaman and Sobanum, the Val can accommodate 10,000 passengers and crew in cryogenic stasis.

However, unlike its sisters, Val's recreation center was transformed into a place of worship to appease the incredibly insistent Katali engineers assisting its construction.


The HCS Val's development was plagued by early delays and disagreements between its senior crew and the Initiative's design team. While the Katali were grateful to be included in the voyage, their penchant for pushing technological boundaries and righting the past's wrongs was often at odds with the realities of budgets and time constraints. At one point, it was calculated that if every "vital and necessary improvement" suggested by the Katali contingent was incorporated into the Val's design, its launch would have been delayed until 2197 at the soonest.

After considerable negotiation and debate, a compromise was reached that converted much of the Haven to accommodate Katali social needs, including its recreation center being converted for worship and the name of vessel being changed from the HC Coeus to Val.

The spacecraft missed its first deadline due to the retrofits, but was ready to depart the Milky Way on November 2, 2180 with the second wave under the command of their newfound leader Tylisk Yubo.

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