I grew out of my old life. I had no reason to stay, Lawrence.
- Vick


Born to an affluent father and a host mother, Vick was groomed to be a tycoon like his father before him. Raised by a set of illegal AI, contact with his father had always been minimal due to the stress of running a large corporation on top of illness. Despite the sickness that plagued his father, however, the man dying was never a possibility Vick considered. They always had medical droids and experts monitoring him around the clock, so why would he imagine a life without him?

When Vincent came of age and was pushed by his father to take a career outside of the family business, he enlisted in the Navy, where he did several years before turning to a career as a mercenary and smuggler for hire. Due to the nature of his work, contact with his father had always been brief, and when the messages were less and less frequent, he didn't think much of it. The severity of the situation only became when Vincent was informed about his death through an invitation to his space funeral.

When the ordeal of dealing with his father's death and Vincent was freed, his focus shifted to managing the estate... It was only then that he learned there was no estate to manage. His father was worried about his rivals and those who wished to steal his fortune, and in preparation, had hid most of the money in star cards that were sent to a location that Vincent did not know.

The past few years of the mercenary's life were spent living on scraps, continuing work while actively searching for any hint of where his father's legacy rested.

Days ago, I told the crew of the Medea that they were the first and last line of defense. I said this knowing that unless the individual makes the choice to raise their weapons against the shadow that's overtaking our galaxy, the Medea would be the sole beacon of light.
- Vick

Skills and Abilities

  • Skilled soldier and mercenary
  • Knowledgeable on crime/underworld
  • Connection from father


  • Vick's Primary Saber
  • Vick's Secondary Saber

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