A man from the colony established on Saturn's moon Titan, Vivaldi is one individual in the interconnected age that still managed to keep most if his past off publicly database. What is known, however, is that during his youth, he spent time on the admittedly not child-oriented station that was established by the UN. Several years were spent toying with technology that was far out of his depth, and that skill developed into something nearly unparalleled.

When his family transferred to Mars, there were several years in which events weren't documented. He didn't attend any public schooling system, and he never officially joined the UN Navy until far later in life. What is notable, however, is his record. While reaching his twenties, Vivaldi had a cyber-crime based rap sheet that would put most hardened criminals to shame. When he was eventually apprehended, his skills were set to supporting the Navy over spending three decades in prison.

Vivaldi became associated with getting jobs done. If one wanted a gun, he could utilize a massive network to deliver dozens, and if one needed a crime solved, unparalleled deductive reasoning was his tool of choice.

Despite all this, however, NK, Vivaldi's handle for work and 'play,' has become synonymous with one more thing: eccentric behavior. Very few people still encounter him face to face, but all can attest to the man matching the cliche term of 'mad scientist.'

Skills and Abilities

  • Deep connections across galaxy
  • Can procure about anything (for a cost)
  • Unmatched hacking skill

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