Forever scarred by the Secession Wars, the planet of Vulo Novi sits in the Novi sector as a silent reminder of the atrocities that were set loose upon the Katali people during what was the longest and bloodiest war that the galaxy has ever seen. The planet itself is no longer able to support life due to the use of carbon bombs and other weapons of mass destruction during the war.

Though the mountains remain as they were, the vast amount of fields and forests that once covered the planet's surface have long since withered away and died, along with the wildlife that once lived here. Vulo Novi is but a hollow shell of its former beauty.


While Vulo Novi is a wasteland now, it was once a beautiful and diverse planet much like the Katali homeworld of Baracal Novi. Vulo Novi was the first planet to host a Katali colony, and it was subsequently one of their richest and most populated worlds. However, with the Secession Wars and the Nironian Collective occupation that followed, the Systems Coalition inevitably attacked Vulo Novi with everything they had, and the following battles between the two forces decimated the planet. It was abandoned by any Katali that managed to get off-world, but far more died than escaped. The destruction can still be seen today, from dead forests to destroyed cities.

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