Ardite- War of the Dawn

The War of the Dawn (1197-1223 CE) was the galaxy's first major conflict which pitted the Ardolons and Bushraks, which modern historians have dubbed the Zenith Powers, against nearly every other race, who are now referred to as the Collective. The Kelviir chose to remain neutral throughout the conflict, they were utterly disinterested in the primitive quarreling of the lesser races).



While the rest of the galaxy quickly occupied the the Zenith Power's furthest colonies, they quickly responded with a massive offensive on the belligerents homeworld led by the Ardolon's legendary 401st Foreign Battalion and supported by heavy orbital bombardment by the Bushrak's Imperial Navy. With their homeworlds completely under the siege, the Collective surrendered in due time and submitted to the Zenith Power's demands.


All of the participants were low on morale and exhausted by the war's end and happily welcomed the Cardinal Agreement and formation of the Grand Alliance as it meant an end to constant conflict. The Ardolons and Bushraks further solidified themselves as the galaxy's leaders, and the rest of the galaxy came to respect that, out of both fear and a sort of admiration for how efficiently both races acted.

With each of the races united under a single flag, the Ardolons saw an opportunity to overthrow the Kelviir quickly working on constructing a plan to seize their Grand Station.