Xand Sobanum is traditional to some, yet adaptive to others; stubborn to some, yet flexible to many; brash to some, yet elegant to many. The beloved Ganonsyoni prime minister is far from standard, especially by the Milky Way's standards.

Born before the Trailblazer Crisis brought his species onto the galactic landscape in 2160 CE, Xand quickly came to serve as a communicative bridge between his people and the foreigners now trampling across their lands. The purists among the Milky Way considered him far too primitive, and his many of his own people saw him as far too lenient with the rest of the galaxy.

Yet, this was why he was such an effective leader: not because he was two-faced, but because he knew when to give and when to shove. Xand effectively guided his people through one of the smoothest seamless transitions the galaxy has ever seen all while gaining the respect of trillions in the process.

While he was far from keen on leaving Muria in the wake of the Ubiar Invasion, he knew there was no way he could let thousands of his people venture off to a entirely new galaxy without a proper leader.

And so, rather than be asked for a spot on the voyage, the man invited himself to the Horizons Initiative: a move Mike Trainer admired greatly. The Director knew it would be a crime to have anybody else represent the Ganonsyoni Haven (soon renamed the Sobanum) on the Initiative Conclave, so he offered the man the job.

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