Yula is a garden world in the Helios sector of Nironian Collective space. It is home to one of, if not the most advanced race in the galaxy, the Ardolons. The planet of Yula itself is one of the more peaceful worlds in the galaxy in terms of climate, with hot and fairly humid summers while the winters are typically only mild at their worst. Roughly 40% of the planet's surface is covered by water, while the rest of the world is mostly either mountainous or densely forested. As for the planet's weather, rain is a very common occurrence, in addition to the occasional thunderstorm. Extreme weather is uncommon, but Yula does see the occasional heat wave or wildfire, as well as landslides in its more mountainous areas.


Home to one of the oldest races on the galactic landscape, Yula has one of the richest histories available through galactic records, but only a few major events that stand out among the others. Originally discovered and subsequently uplifted by the Bushraks in 1047 CE, the Ardolons and their homeworld saw a renaissance like no other in their history, bringing them up to be among the most powerful races in the galaxy within no time at all.

The boon of space travel given to the Ardolons by the Bushraks would eventually come back to bite them in the future, in the form of the War of the Dawn, the first major conflict in galactic history. While the majority of their forces were off fighting in the war alongside the Bushraks, Yula suffered a devastating attack at the hands of the Collective's ground forces. With the Zenith Powers completely unprepared for a ground assault, the Collective laid waste to the planet's surface while they had the element of surprise, but the attack was eventually repelled months later.

Later, as tensions began to rise towards the start of the Secession Wars, the Ardolons closed their borders to the Bushraks and formed the Nironian Collective. Yula went largely untouched during this chaotic time, though what assaults that were mounted were valiantly repelled by the Ardolons' legendary 401st Foreign Battalion.


10.6 Billion Ardolon

28 Million Bushrak

19 Million Ardite

18.4 Million Vobuk

2.2 Million Human