Your family may not have approved of you leaving, that much is true. I do doubt, however, that they would want you to let yourself be held back by their loss. You're alive and well, so keep living your life to the fullest for their sake if your own isn't enough.
- Evie Chase


Ever since their first discovery by the United Nations during the Trailblazer Crisis, the Ganonsyoni were a primitive and passive species among their home world. They wanted to expand, but they simply lacked the means to do it. The Ganonsyoni needed leaders who weren't afraid to throw themselves out into the unknown.

Zadra was their expert.

For one of her kind who avidly explores the planet without a whim, she quickly gained reputation as an exploratory leader on her home world and, soon enough, throughout their entire sector.

Notably, she discovered a fool's fortune in the depths of Luonus. Adopting her place among the galaxy's elite explorers, Zadra led several expeditions among traders and pioneers alike within Systems Coalition Space for her first inter-system contract.

Word quickly began to spread throughout neighboring sectors, and work became a given, rather than a rarity. Inevitably, after guiding several merchants through the Neutral Traverse and into Nironian Collective Space, she made a name for herself with the United Nations as an excellent exploratory expert.

Skills and Abilities

  • Seasoned explorer
  • Skilled botanist
  • Quick on feet
  • Adept rock climber

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