Ever since their first discovery by the United Nations during the Trailblazer Crisis, the Ganonsyoni were a primitive and passive species among their home world. Expansion to other colonial planets was always through diplomatic or colonial ways, and each expedition needed a guide. Zadra was their expert.

For one of her kind who avidly explores the planet without a whim, she quickly gained reputation as an exploration leader among her home world and, soon enough, throughout their entire system. Notably, she discovered a fool's fortune in the depths of Luonus. Adopting her place among the elitists of expedition leaders, Zadra led several explorations among traders and pioneers alike within the Systems Coalition as her first inter-system contact.

Within the Coalition, she hastily gained word around merchants throughout the neighboring systems, and work was far from distant in her field. Inevitably, after guiding through the Neutral Traverse and into the Nironian Collective, her place was discovered among the UN Navy as an exploration expert for their disposal.

Skills and Abilities

  • Seasoned explorer
  • Skilled botanist
  • Quick on feet
  • Adept rock climber


  • Zadra's Explorer Gear

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